IT-Law / IP-Law and Media Law Office based in Berlin

The Berlin-based law office, a boutique law firm limited solely to IT-Law and IP-Law, provides counseling for clients both foreign and domestic. As a German lawyer, I know from my foreign clients that the German law can be complicated – especially when it is about starting a business in Germany.

The essential goal in our law firm lies in finding economic solutions and representing the client’s interests. The law firm provides solutions to the challenges experienced by modern companies as well as freelancers. We assist our foreign clients to open up their businesses to the European and German markets by ensuring that our clients are legally safeguarded.

Practice Areas

As a lawyer, I advise clients in the entire field of information technology law and intellectual property law as well as the adjoining fields of law which include in particular the law of trademarks, domain names, online law, data privacy and copyright law as well as unfair competition law.

I am a specialist lawyer, certified for copyright and media law as well as certified for information technology law.

The range of legal services in detail:

  • IT-Law
  • Social Media & Digital Advertising
  • Copyright Law
  • Trademark Law
  • Unfair Competition Law
  • Data Privacy Law (GDPR)
  • Media Law

In this range we represent our clients in court as well as safeguarding the clients interests within activities out of court, such as drafting of contracts, contract negotiations or advisory opinions.

Lawyer’s Fees

One of the fundamental principles regarding the relationship between a lawyer and his client consists in offering complete financial transparency. Consequently, our law office will provide you an estimate of the legal costs. This estimate is free of charge so that clients get a basic assessment of the legal situation and costs before the mandate is awarded.

A lawyer’s remuneration in Germany can either be calculated on the basis of negotiation fees or statutory fees.

Negotiation fees usually apply for activities out of court, such as drafting of contracts, contract negotiations or advisory opinions. Negotiation fees can arise from fixed rates or hourly fees. Usually, the fixed rate will be the basis since this fulfils the client’s interests in most cases.

Statutory fees apply for representation in court. The fees basically depend on the value in dispute and by law they are not negotiable. Naturally, the law office will clarify its clients about the costs that might arise out of legal proceedings.


Please do not hesitate to send us an e-mail if you have any questions about us and our work. If you address a legal enquiry via e-mail, you should receive an answer within a business day.

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